Micronote is helping students and hobbyists learn about electronics and programming.

What is Micronote?

Micronote provides hardware kits for students and hobbyists, to teach advanced electronics concepts in an approachable way. Our products feature thoughtfully engineered projects with interactive notebooks and detailed guides designed to be engaging and educative.

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Modern notes, for modern learning.

Hands On

Rekindles the love for learning by connecting abstract concepts to real world applications using engaging kits.

Open Source

Notebooks and CAD files available for use.

Advanced Topics

Difficult topics conveyed through detailed yet understandable documentation.

Detailed Documentation

Documentation is presented in an interactive notebook format that facilitates interactive learning.

Many Tutorials

In addition to notebooks paired with kits, we also provide notebooks for learning the basics of Python and Micropython.


Runs on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Quick installation

Follow the installation guide, and you should be up and running in minutes.

Approachable Environment

Interactive notebook environment is easy to get started with, and easy to master.

The Team

Carlo Supina
Shristi Saraff
Holden Rahn
Sabharsh Sidhu